Thursday, June 22, 2006

David's Story Part 7: Decisions and Details



Greetings from Maine!

We had our annual trip to our favorite eatery: a wonderful homey restaurant with fantastic sea food. We all came back stuffed and happy, and are settled down peacefully at the cottage, which is once again fogged in.

At lunch the kids wanted to know if I had heard anything from you regarding David, and of course I had not, so I am asking. Have you had a chance to chat with him yet?


P.S. I hope all your kids are doing well....and that the heat is not driving them all to outrageous behavior. We tried calling Carl on his cell phone but it is out of service. Sigh.


Don't tell Carl I told you, he quit his job, and got a land line. He gave me two numbers so once I know which is good I will forward it to you.

I have spoken to David once since you left. He wants to be with you guys. I need to break the news that I don't have time to paint with him. I will contact him tomorrow and get back to you. Have fun and don't eat too much fish.


7/30/03 (still)

Thanks. We are very excited. As you know we will be back on Tuesday. Wednesday will be taken up with things like shopping and retrieving Andrew's toad, so perhaps not the best day for anything else. Feel free to set up anything on Thursday or later.

So Carl quit his job? Before or after finding a new one?

Hubby is reading the children silly jokes..."Why does Piglet always smell so bad? He always plays with Pooh."


Loved the joke. It was great. I am hoping to meet with David today or tomorrow. Carl I believe slipped and told me he was fired. I didn't get into details with him. He has called me asking for job leads. I gave him two and also suggested he go to job service and get on the stick.

We are hoping to have an admit date for David on paper as of Aug. 5. Placement could be with you on a date that is agreeable with “Hubby” and yourself. This is one of the topics I need to visit with David about. Does Friday, Aug 8 sound ok? Thanks for keeping contact with me on your vacation. Give greetings to the family.


There are a few more emails back and forth. I will spare you. David said he understood that we would be busy and tired but could he move in on Wednesday if he got his own ride? I asked him to consider if he wanted to put off moving at least until he could paint the trim in the room like he wanted.


We had a good vacation. It was cool and foggy, which was a wonderful relief from the 100 plus temps at home. We even had some rain. We built fires in the fireplace and nodded and smiled when people said it was a shame we were not having better weather. We did have a couple of days that were sunny.

Getting home was an adventure though. We were supposed to leave on a 6:00am flight. We spent the night at the airport hotel so that we could just walk over. That went fine, though it was difficult for everyone to sleep with everyone else in the same room. When we got there in the morning it turned out that the flight was cancelled for unscheduled maintenance. We spent two hours in a line waiting for our new itinerary. It would have taken less than half that time if everyone else in line was willing to accept the itinerary they were given and did not spend 15 minutes going through every possible option. I do understand by the way…but after the first hour and a half I got less sympathetic. We were got our schedule at 9:00am and were back at 2:00 pm for our 4:00pm flight that left at 6:00pm. Of course by the time we got to our first layover we had missed our next flight, so we spent 90 minutes in another line to get a third itinerary and vouchers. Northwest put us up in a hotel…we got there at 10:00pm and ordered room service, which was a real treat for the kids. Actually I don’t think that Hubby has done that either. Anyway, we got back a day late and pooped.

This evening David is coming to paint the trim in the room; tomorrow he moves in.

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