Thursday, June 22, 2006

"I'm not going to school today"

Okay...the condition for living with me is:

"Work out an educational plan with your social worker and follow it."

I have also said, "As long as you are getting up in the morning, going to school, and work, I am not going to worry about whether you are using."


"I will not excuse you from school unless you have a fever."

So he got up this morning and announced that he was not going to school. He was going to stay home and do the work for his on-line class.

I told him that I would not excuse him from class and he said, "That's okay. I registered myself so I can excuse myself. Don't worry. Summer school only allows to absences, even if they are excused. I won't keep doing this. So is it okay?"

Huh? Umm...what does he mean "Is it okay?" I think I said something like, "Would you go to school if I said it wasn't okay?" He rolled his eyes and went into his room.

So...let's see. I am not calling the school. (There was a day when I would have been on the phone "fixing" the situation, telling the attendance office that he could NOT exucse himself and today is an definitely a CUT.) I did not get emotionally worked up (also a major advance for me). Okay ... hurrah for me on the serenity scale.

Next....has he crossed any boundaries? Well, he is staying home in order to work on school work (and he is) so I guess he is working on his educational plan. If he were telling me that he just didn't feel up to going to school and spent the day sleeping, that would be different.

I'm not going to protect him from any consequences of cutting school, although there may or may not be any conseqences.

I think my low key response is the right one. It just feels so odd.

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