Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Evan: Absences

Evan, after a couple of phone calls, got an appointment for 2:30pm.

School called, "This is Evan's third absence. If he doesn't bring a doctor's note I will have to drop him." (He will get a note from the doctor that will cover the afternoon class. I am not confident that it will cover the morning.

I told Evan about the absences. He called the school. "I was there the 13th. I know I was." Conversation continues. Evan hangs up,"B*tch." (This last was spoken to the phone. He was polite with the woman at school.)

Me: "So what did she say?"

Evan: "She said she would look into it. You know. She's going to fix it."

Me: "Oh."

Now here's the fun part about Evan. He will give himself a good talking-to. He will be much harder on himself than I ever would be. All I have to do is look at him waiting to get to get a word in.

Evan: "You know I didn't cut. I was in school that day. I WAS! I am not a cutter. Okay, sometimes I have cut, but every time I cut I was here. You know that. Besides, what would I do in Our Small Town anyway?" (He has a point there.) "You don't believe me! I can't believe you don't believe me! Stop giving me that look!"

Me: "I'm just waiting to..."

Evan, interrupting: "I don't cut. There is something wrong with the record they will just have to figure it out. Do you believe me?"

Me: "Yes. And I have complete confidence in your ability to figure this out with the school."

Evan: "Good. So if they give me a hard time will you tell them?"

Me, grinning: "Sure. I will be happy to tell them that if you weren't in school I have no idea where you were."

Evan, walking back to his room: "I can't believe this!"

next on Evan

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