Thursday, June 29, 2006

Evan anticipates my father's visit

My father is coming to visit in August for just a couple of days. Evan is nervous because, well, he has not heard really positive things about my father. I assured him that my father would not show up if he were drinking, and that he has mellowed a lot.

Evan was worried about whether my father would be homophobic. I assured him that he was not. I have never heard him express anything on the issue, but he got along fine with Carl and David.

"So what does he do when he is here?"

"Not a lot. Let's see. He gets a room at the Inn and likes for the kids to go swimming up there. He usually takes everyone out and buys them presents, and he takes us out to dinner. Of course this time he is visiting my sister first so he might not be spending as much money as has he has before. Now that he is older he takes more naps."

"But what does he do when he is in the house?"

"Let's see... OH! Evan! He watches sports! You can tell him that no one has watched a sport event with you for a year. He will be happy to watch something with you!"

Evan lit up. "Really!"

Finally, my macho boy will have a "real man" to watch a ball game with. He is so excited.

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  1. So cute....

    I am kind of enjoying having a roommate to watch baseball games with on TV, myself.


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