Friday, June 23, 2006

David's Story Part 9: The first weekend


To Ruby
We had a fine weekend, mostly. I had told David that if it worked out okay, we could drop him off at his friend’s house in The City after church on Sunday and then pick him up at the community center after youth group. That depended upon his having a ride from the friend’s to group. He told us that it was all worked out so we went to Michael’s house. "Michael" was not there. Only his sister was and she said that Michael was working and she did not know when he would be back. He assured me that his other friend (I forget her name) could take him and I said that he needed to call her and make certain before I could leave him. It turned out that she was not able to take him.

We did not reprimand him for telling us he had worked out the details when he had obviously not. I think he got the point though…we will make certain that the plans are worked out before just dropping him off somewhere.

We bought him most of the clothes that he needed, although we have not got a coat or jacket yet. He has nothing in that area. I am sending in the receipts for that and for the things I got for his room (quilt supplies, bedding, and hangers). David asked for a body pillow saying that the only thing he was afraid of was being alone and a body pillow makes him feel safer. I don’t know if all those expenses are reimbursable, but I sent them in anyway. When the check for that comes in I will take him coat shopping. Ideally he should have a light weight and a heavy weight, but he might just have to do with one.

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