Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekends are difficult

It's just too much us, you know?

Too much of Brian and Frankie getting on each other's nerves. Too much Frankie getting on everyone's nerves.

Too much for Frankie to deal so long with non-professionals who don't respond to him dispassionately. Too much time in a non-structured environment, too much responsibility for self-regulation.

And I am trying to get over this lingering cold that has no significant symptoms other than a slight amount of congestion and a periodic headache -- and exhaustion. I haven't wanted to sleep, but I haven't wanted to do anything either.

Hubby kindly took Frankie out for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday. Frankie was really mostly okay. I would like to say that the things that made me tired were fall-out from his conversation with his mom and sisters, partly because I think it would be healthy for him to show some reaction, but the truth is that his behavior was not very different than it was any other time.

Early Sunday evening he came up to me to tell me that Brian still did not think that Blood Elves were attracting but his only reason was that they were animated, did I think they were attracting. I have him a total deadpan look and said, "Oh yes. Definitely." He looked at me a minute, realized I was kidding and burst into laughter. I laughed too and neither of us could explain to anyone else what was so funny.

An hour later Brian accused Frankie of wearing out one of his books/magazines and Frankie denied that it was his fault. They yelled at each other and Frankie finally yelled, "Fine. The next time I get allowance I will buy you all the books you want and never get anything for myself again." Then he stormed out, slamming doors as he went.

So you know...typical weekend.


  1. It sounds exhausting.

  2. I mentor a young lady, "Flash" who's 14 and now lives at an RTC. When she was at home, she'd practically beg me to visit on the weekends and not during the week. And she didn't want to stay home, she had to go out of the house. I'd pull up and she'd be waiting on the front steps! It was a great respite for her mom when I came b/c I kept her at least 3 hrs at a time. She would thank me for the warm shower she got or whatever, lol. Now that she is settled at the RTC and board with their routines, she wants me to pick her up on the weekends there too. But they are trying to limit her sign-outs to her parents so they can work on their relationship.

    How old is Frankie? If he is, say over 8, he might be a good candidate for "big brother, big sister". I mentor through a school/RTC for kids with behavioral/emotional difficulties. We have lots of mentors there now, so there are people willing to give their time to these difficult kids [and for free :) ]!


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