Friday, October 12, 2007

Frankie caught the virus

Frankie did not get up after locking himself in his room at 7:00pm. Hubby went in at 9:00 to wake him for his meds. We called the not-very-good but available and technically qualified retired school aide to stay with him today. She is afraid of getting sick, so we agreed that Frankie would have to stay in his room except for quick trips to the bathroom and kitchen.

He looked better than we expected this morning (of course he had slept for 11 hours). He even did his homework first thing, before we told him he could stay home.

He said he would probably just spend the morning sleeping, which would be good for the sitter. Of course if he is feeling better it will be difficult to do that and he will keep coming back up and trying to talk to her. Unless she grows a backbone, she will not be able to tell him firmly to go back to bed. But her lack of a backbone is not my problem.

She is there because the presence of an adult in the house makes a difference for Frankie. There are some things he won't do just because she is sitting in the living room.

And though I am happy the discussion of foster care reimbursement has played itself out, I will mention that what I will give her for 5 hours of sitting in the living room and quietly suggesting that maybe Frankie should follow the rules, is equivalent to 2 days reimbursement for me.

I'm going home early to sleep.

We simply must get well. This family cannot go on taking turns with one or two of us always sick and cranky.

We just can't.


  1. I'm so sorry everyone is ill. Please get better soon.

  2. I am sorry you are still sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you are all feeling better!


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