Saturday, October 13, 2007

Looking Better

Life here is better than it has been for a few days. Everyone seems to be healthy. Frankie says is feels "sort of good." He fell asleep Thursday at 7:00pm, slept for 11 hours, got up, slept for at least 4 if not 6 hours during the day, and got a full night's sleep last night. He doesn't show any other symptoms, but that is enough.

The rest of also seem to be virus-free, although everyone seems inclined to have a lazy day.

Andrew spent last night at a friend's.

Frankie got frustrated trying to do something last night and this morning, but it was the old level of frustration. He banged his fist and said, "Oh! Why can't I do this!" Last night Hubby and I left him alone and he kept complaining, but kept trying and after half an hour did it. (The problem was largely a motor skill issue).

This morning he couldn't remember his voice mail password and started complaining about how stupid he was, how small his memory was. I did not hear him well and said, "Did you just say that your memory is the size of a tit?"

He grinned and said, "NO! I said the size of a TICK."

"Oh...that makes more sense. The other created quite a disturbing image."

He grinned and I offered to go on-line to help him reset his password. He agreed, came over while still dialing numbers into his phone, trying to remember, and making frustrated noises. I reset his password and he wrote it done.

Frustration gone.

He is back to his old self. He gets frustrated easily, but that results in only complaining and banging of fists. There were no tears, not yelling out that he couldn't do anything or that the phone (or whatever) was broken. He stuck with the activity and when he worked it out he felt fine again.

I'm glad this kid came back. I missed him.

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