Friday, October 19, 2007

The first morning after WoW

So this morning Frankie played his new game. It is a basic strategy game. You get to be the Romans or some group the Romans battled. Then there is a battle. You can even be a Roman army attacking another Roman army.

He played it fine and then it wouldn't save. He fussed and complained and whined. He wouldn't believe Andrew who told him that in some games there are only certain places that you can save and that he must not been in one of those places. Frankie insisted that he was supposed to be able to save and he couldn't so he guessed he was never going to be able to play in "story mode." All he would ever do was short battles.

I said, "Okay."

Then he said that even in six months he wasn't going to play WoW. By then Brian would be at level 60 and there would be no point in even bothering.

I said, "Sounds like a good idea."

I'm pretty good at not escalating with them when I am exhausted.

I have to give a test, go home, make myself presentable, and then be a model foster parent on a panel. Hubby will be there too. We will both try not to look like rag dolls that have been put through the ringer while we answer questions about permanency in foster care.

I'm waiting for someone to ask, "Have you had a disruption with a kid to whom you made a permanent commitment?"

Shall I answer 1) "No" 2) "Not yet" or 3) "Ask me again in a month"?

But he shall go on a respite weekend, and I shall sleep.

I may not post much, but that will be because I am spending the weekend napping and playing Sudoku.


  1. Frankie's frustrations with games sound very much like my 8 yo. Hopefully as he learns more about the game he will get less frustrated.

    Enjoy lots of naps and Sudoku - sounds like a good plan.

  2. I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  3. Did you stock up on chocolate for the weekend too?

    I hope you get some rest.

  4. How about, "I am thinking about it"?

  5. Nap first, games later!!


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