Friday, October 26, 2007

So tired

Sorry...there isn't much in this post other than a bit of a whine.

Lordy, yesterday was a rollercoaster. Tension in the morning, relief at hearing from him and from Guy, good time with the fam in the evening.

And now...

I miss my cat. I want to find her and hold her. She always let me hold her when I felt sad.

I miss Frankie.

I want Carl to call. I want to know he is okay. I don't know how to find him, and right now I have such a need to know all that all my kids are okay.

I want to fast-track the grieving process.

I want to feel better and get caught up on my work.

I want to believe Frankie is going to be okay, but I really don't know that he ever will. I believe he is where he needs to be, but I have no illusions.

I want to feel better.


  1. Frustrating, isn't it, how you know in your logical mind that it would be nice to fast-track grief, but you can't make your emotional mind follow suit?

    Would be nice, wouldn't it?

    Of course if we could do that, it would be like pushing the fast-forward button on the VCR of life, which sounds suspiciously like a bad movie.

  2. I hear you. I want to settle in myself. It's a hard road, but it's the price we pay. It's so hard, but I don't think either of us would trade the experience. And of course, "what doesn't kill us..."

  3. I am sure it is hard for you. You didn't really get time to grieve your lost pet due to the drama, and now you have a second loss. I will light a candle for you, and send my good thoughts your way.

  4. Thinking about you...

  5. I wished we lived closer. I would take you out for chocolate and either make you laugh or let you cry, or both. Hugs.


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