Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hubby on your lizard brain

Hubby talking to Frankie:

Your brain has three parts. The bottom part is your lizard brain; the next part is your animal brain; and the very top part is your human brain. [Frankie starts to giggle.] When you get angry you are using your lizard brain, and lizards are not good at making decisions. They can only decide to do one of two things: run or attack. [Frankie is laughing and checking with me to see if Hubby is at all serious.] So before you decide what to do you need to be calm so you can decide with your human brain. Trying to make decisions with your lizard brain is like using a military tank to thread a needle. [Lots of giggling.]

I will spare you the accounting of the events that made this story appropriate.


  1. Sparing? I call that withholding!


  2. Yeah, that's definitely withholding. No fair!


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