Saturday, October 13, 2007

A GOOD day

by out standards at least.

Jane, my transwoman friend, dropped by with a book for Frankie. It is an intentionally silly book about transitioning.

I told her that my refrigerator was collecting water on the bottom and that I knew that meant that a drain was probably clogged, but I didn't know where the drain was. She showed me, I mean Hubby, and he cleaned it. The whole process resulted in my cleaning out the inside of the refrigerator and remarking on how much money she had saved me. Cleaning the drain was easy, but we surely would have hired a repair person to come in and do it if she hadn't helped. She fixed my hot water heater years ago when I thought it needed to be replaced, cleaned my air conditioner this summer for nothing, told Hubby he could replace the dishwasher himself which also gave him the confidence to replace the toilet when it needed to be done. I figure she has saved us thousands of dollars.

So to pay her back I cooked her dinner tonight.

Fair trade, don't you think?

It was a good dinner. There was roast beast, potatoes, and a vegetable Jane took one very small helping of. For dessert I baked brownies which we ate with ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream.

Brian and Frankie went with me to the store and fought bitterly over Frankie's claim that his all-natural juice and carbonated water drink was really healthier than Brian's soda. Frankie defended his position and never got terribly worked up. I was proud of him.

Andrew wasn't with us for dinner as he had a band competition. His school came in second in his division, a victory made only slightly less impressive by the fact there are only two schools in his division.

Still, it has been a peaceful day. No one has cried or stormed out or locked himself in his room. Everyone has maintained his or her sense of humor.

When dinner was over Brian hurried to do half of the kitchen work, so that he could do the less gross half. Frankie pouted that he had to do the dishes and said, "Ain't that woman's work?"

I reminded him that he wanted to be a woman so he had nothing to look forward to but washin' dishes and birthin' babies, but fortunately he lived with an emancipated man who would help him. Frankie choked on his dessert laughing and then did the dishes with Hubby.

Like I said -- a good day.

Of course any day with hot fudge brownie sundaes can't be too bad.


  1. The good days really make a difference.

    I just gave you an award. I hope you're not offended.

  2. Hijacking your blog for a minute....

    Because I can't post this on mine since my kids read it sometimes. And I need to send this out to the blogasphere before it makes me crazy.

    Lena did not invite us to her daughter's birthday party. Nor did she invite any of our kids except her bio sister, Star. Instead, she invited her bio family and her fiance's family. That baby loves us. She knows us best. She said LG's name as her 4th or 5th word. She reaches for Chip as soon as she sees him. They were hurt. We are hurt. But mostly we are confused.

    Sorry for the hijack, Yondalla.

  3. see if jane would be interested in a trip to the deep south! there's a few things that needs doing around here! tell her i fix a great pork tenderloin, my home made ice cream is beyond belief and i wouldn't even offer her a vegetable!

  4. Lionmom, checking to see if I have your email address. I'm pretty sure I do.



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