Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I guess this is better

He had a good day at school.

David came over and he told David that he would probably move out when he was 18 like he (David) did. He doesn't think he could stay here an extra year like the other boys. So I guess that means he isn't moving out right now.

He and Brian did the dishes and bickered the whole time. I did my best to ignore them. When the kitchen was clean Frankie came out and said, "Yondalla, do you know the difference between being a madman and being clinically insane?"


He then preceded to tell me but spoke so quickly I understood very little -- except that apparently one of the differences is that one of them is incoherent and the other can have a plan. He finished and said, "Right?"

I did not look up from my computer, just sighed and said, "Sure."

He turned towards the kitchen and yelled. "See Brian! I was right!"

I'm really tired tonight. I don't talk much about my job here, but it was one of those days that is too busy. You know, you work hard all morning, classes, meetings, etc. Then you sit down at your desk in the afternoon with your little to-do list knowing that if you just concentrate you can get it all done and then an email from the dean pops up that says, "This is just a friendly reminder that the document I told you about six weeks ago and you completely forgot about is due tomorrow." (Well, he didn't use exactly those words).


  1. I haven't posted lately, with my plans on hold and all, but I did want to say that I'm still following your travails, and I feel your pain. Sometimes it just feels worse when you completely forget about something work-wise than anything in your 'normal' life.

    Also, it sounds like you're doing a great job with Frankie, which I've been glad to see.

  2. to this day my signal that i am way too stressed out is a dream where i am back in grad school yet again and am about to have a final in a class i had completely forgotten i was taking. i forget deadlines altogether too often!

  3. Hang in there...

    Feel a hug!

    (I wish I had some brilliant advice for you this morning, but I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with my own to-do list that is quite massive and keeps getting interrupted by things like 5-day-long Internet outages and client calls)


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