Saturday, October 27, 2007

Big night out

Friends of ours invited us over for dinner and out to a play. They have season tickets and all they knew was that this was supposed to be humorous and we could us a break -- you know from all the insanity.

Um yeah.

The play was about two psychologically damaged people snowed in together and each forcing the other to confront the traumas that brought them to where they were.

When the woman was overwhelmed with a decision she had made and felt worthless she fell on the floor crying out "Oh what is wrong with me!" and I swear to the Powers That Be that she behaved and looked exactly like Frankie. It was this powerful moment and many people around us were getting emotional. Hubby and I glanced and each other and started to laugh.

Oh we kept it stifled. Only our friends next to us, and probably the people behind us, could tell we were shaking with laughter.

I laughed silently most of the way through the second half of the play. Not because it was funny (although there were genuine moments of comic relief), but because I kept thinking, "We came here to get away from this" and it was all so absurd I couldn't stop myself.

Ever watch The Producers? Hubby and I were that audience -- stunned and then laughing.

Unfortunately everyone around us was moved by the way the characters slowly dug up and shared their pain, coming together and connecting and maybe beginning to heal. So when the curtain went up we were surrounded by people wiping tears out of their eyes and we just had to make a run for it.

We got outside and our friends turned with apologies on their faces. I said, "Thank you so much"' and suddenly all four of us were laughing.

Highly inappropriate considering other people were talking about how powerful and moving it was.


  1. That is funny! Reminds me of the time we were all stressed when we found out there was a mass in JJ's brain and we went to a movie where the character was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We didn't laugh, but we sat there in shock! The people who said it was a great movie felt really bad when we told them.
    Sometimes you can't escape! I am glad to hear you were able to laugh about it.

  2. Glad you could laugh but wish it had been The Music Man playing instead.

  3. What was the play called?

    That reminds me of when I was on IVF drugs and highly emotional. We went to this play that was about one of the local bars here in town back in the 70's. There were alot of older folks in the crowd who were probably regulars at that old tavern. It was a musical and it was bad...I mean it really stunk. They had these emotional musical numbers where everyone was moved, but I couldnt stop cracking up!! We left at intermission it was so bad!

    That same week when I was also under the influence of powerful hormones we went to see Cheaper by the Dozen - supposedly a comedy, and I wept...throughout the film!

    Oh I am so glad to be past those hormonal pincushion days!


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