Saturday, October 20, 2007

I cleaned Frankie's room

Everything the kid owned was on the floor.

He is a collector everything. I sorted out toys, trash, papers from school and drawings, books CD's, clothes..everything was in one big mess. I did not find a couple of the things he has recently been complaining that he lost, but I did find things he lost the first week he got here.

I don't know if he will be glad, uninterested, or angry.

Andrew is angry as I found a bag of dice that he he has been looking for and a D&D book. Of course Andrew is concerned that Frankie will keep taking his things. I couldn't get too excited. It was one book and one bag of dice. It is not like I have never found something that belongs to someone else in his room. I understand that part of the issue is his basic mistrust of Frankie. I do understand.

But there were fewer things that belonged to other people than I expected. I will tell Frankie not to do it again. Frankie has issues, but sticky fingers has not been one of them.

It was amazing though that NOTHING was put away. There were no clothes in the dresser, nothing on the shelves or in the storage cupboard. EVERYTHING was either on the floor or the desk. Well, a few things were still in the boxes he moved in with. Playing cards, trading cards, legos, Monopoly money, books, CD's, and of course clothes.

I threw all the clothes into the doorway and told Hubby that was his part of the job.

I thought it was more than fair and he is not complaining.

Seems in some ways an odd thing to do while he is gone, but I can't imagine doing it with him.


  1. You know, we still leave Huck's clothes and toys and things on the floor where he can see them. We used to put his clothing and toys away each day, but then it made him frantic -- do you remember how he reacted to the 'no pantry" thing this summer at my grandparents? Not being able to see the food/clothes/toys he has makes him insane.

    I totally realize that Huck's 4 and Frankie's not... But. We've been trained not to put things in the drawers. Better to have a pile of wrinkled, clean clothes than a child who isn't sure whether he belongs or not.

  2. I think the words "foster kid who puts things away" are an impossible combination.

    "Danielle" throws her stuff all over her floor, too. When asked to put things away, she just stuffs them in the nearest available space.

    Once, I found all her clean laundry thrown into her closet mixed up with the dirty.

    I just try to stay out of her room as much as possible.


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