Thursday, October 18, 2007

So anti-Clamatic, but in a good way

Right after I clicked publish on the last post Hubby and Frankie came home from a shopping trip. Frankie showed me the new computer game Hubby bought him.

Hubby said, "I told him about WoW. He's fine."


"Yeah. I did tell him we would refund him $10 of the monthly subscription he paid."


And that's it.

This new game will probably frustrate him, but then again everything frustrates him. We haven't escaped that.

What I tend to forget is that sometimes with kids suggesting that you might do something can be much more anxiety-producing than doing it.

Oh...and Hubby told him that he knew he was still making decisions about his school, but if he cooperated with them for six months he would consider giving him another chance with WoW.


  1. That sounds almost too easy.

  2. that hubby is slick! i like using WoW as a long term carrot for the school! here's hoping it works!

  3. my .. goodness. the thickness of the suspense between reading the previous post and then scrolling up to this one was huge. myself, i could see me melting down if i was in frankie's shoes; i hate losing things that i like.

  4. And here I was expecting more drama. I can't tell you how relieved I am for your sake at the let down. Whew...


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