Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heeeee'sss baack!

He likes his room. Well, either he really likes it or doesn't really care and feels like he should express appreciation. He buzzed around for a while looking at everything. He agreed that it looked good.

Then he asked us about the things that are still missing. He paced and talked about them and speculated that he lost them while playing in the backyard and maybe they went into the trash, which is too bad, really.

And then he said that the respite family was fine, and they told him all about the rapture. It is going to happen in his lifetime, they said, because America isn't even in the Bible. I asked if he heard that at their church or if they told him. He said they told him, but it was his fault because he brought it up.

And he still thinks that his past foster parents should just give him his stuff. And no, he doesn't think that they threw it away, they have sheds full of kids' things that they haven't given back.

But he still wants to live on a ranch, not their ranch, but a different foster family's ranch, because you can make really good money over the summer. I suggested that maybe he should stay here, since we like him and likes us. He smiled and said he did, but do I know any job in "the city" (really, this is a SMALL TOWN, I promise) where he can make one, two or three thousand dollars in the summer? "That's probably more than you make in one month, isn't it?"

I refused to confirm or deny.

Anyway, then he paced and talked and paced and talked and asked Brian when it was his turn on the computer.

And Hubby said, "I have to get more work done in my classroom, so I will leave this very capable boy in your annoying hands."

"Right. Gotcha."

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  1. He's back and how are you doing?


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