Sunday, May 21, 2006

I got a call from "E"

E is the girl who stayed here for a bit while people were hoping she would decide to go back to my friend.

She called tonight. She is still living at the teen shelter home. She got the afghan* that I knitted for her and likes it very much. She would like to know if I would get her yearbook and the photographs she took in photography class from the high school. I told her to call the school and ask them to give them to Andrew and I would.

I am glad that she called. She said that she is being brought into the program for which I work and they are trying looking at getting one of her aunts or uncles licensed to care for her. The agency has got more aggressive about pursuing that route when they can. They are in the happy position of being able to help people overcome some of the obstacles. In our case they paid for materials to wall off part of the rec room so that we would have another bedroom.

She told me that Georgia is out of detention. She did not tell me where she is living, but did say where she is working, so I may send her a card.

Losing kids track of kids is one of the things I like least about doing this. Having them call me out of the blue is one of the things I like best.

*I meant to take a picture of the afghan before sending it to her so that I could post it. I let her pick out the yarn and it is in stripes of vibrant green, pink, and blue. Truly one of the ugliest things I have ever knitted. Usually when I knit in public people, even some strangers, ask to see it and say how pretty it is. I had this in public plenty and not one adult looked twice.

Next: Driving Miss E

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  1. I used to knit in that horrible variegated yarn. The kind that changes colors as you go along. Very bright - dare I say garish? I loved it.

    Now the girls do. At least there's one thing they inherited from me - kitsch.


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