Monday, May 22, 2006

Teenagers and toddlers

Teenagers and toddlers have a lot in common.

They are trying to separate from us. They are afraid of being alone. They don't want help and then they are angry because we did not help them without being asked.

Like humans of other ages, they have to learn from trying and failing.

I'm currently sighing over Evan because of his behavior with respect to his job. He almost certainly lied about not having to go to work on Sunday. (I'm not insane here right? Is there a chance in you-know-what that a manager of a fast food restaurant called a kid at 6:30am to tell him that he did not have to go to work at 8:00am?) This is, in my opinion, indicative, of his attitude towards his schedule in general. I won't elaborate because it is just too tedious.

I want to sit down with him and explain how he should be behaving.

I think though that it would make about as much sense as telling a toddler not to hold her hands up high while she walks, "Swing your arms at yours side like this...that's how grown-ups walk."

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