Monday, May 15, 2006

"You want me to follow him?"

...asked Brian (11 years) after Andrew (16 years) left to go on a walk with a couple of girls who ride his school bus.

"What? Follow who?"

"Andrew. He was being pretty suspicious. He did not want to say where he was going with those girls. Do you want me to follow him and see what he is up to?"

"I think we will just trust him."

"You sure? He seemed pretty suspicious to me."


  1. I would have sent Brian to follow Andrew, then followed Brian.

    Where's your sense of fun, girl? I live for this stuff.

  2. Sense of fun? It did not even occur to me...although I did imagine how funny it would be to watch Brian trying to tail his brother without being seen.

    You're right. Should have gone.


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