Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Day

Today is my 21st Anniversary.

I am thankful today for a partner who:

has put up with me when I was most insane;

is neither a dominating man doing for me what I can do, nor the least bit uncomfortable when I am a weak, sobbing mess who wants to be taken care of;

is the sort of parent who (like last night) comes home from a meeting early to help his cranky son with a project which would not be taking all evening if said son had only been working on it as he claimed to be for the past month;

was willing to follow me to this reddest of all the red states because I had a job here and then proceeded to figure out what he could do;

does the laundry for the whole family;

supervises the kids in doing their cleaning chores;

said, "Yeah...I am thinking the same thing too" when I said I wanted Carl;

has been willing to keep doing foster care (really working at it) even though he periodically sighs and says, "This is your calling, not mine."

responded to finding himself parent of a gay kid by growing, learning, and helping others to grow;

is in generally the kindest, best person I have ever known.


  1. happy anniversary!! I know first hand that you can parent like this without a fabulous partner!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Beth.

    A glowing tribute. Sounds like you and I are both fortunate in our choices.


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