Friday, May 12, 2006

no more train-gazing

Evan worked for five hours today at the sandwich store. He thinks he will like it okay, and definitely is happy to have something to do.

The rehab counselor made me feel better about where he is in his recovery. She thinks he is doing well and assures me that though he did not talk to me about his weekend from hell, he did talk to her. I was glad to hear that. He really does not have to talk to me in fact I would prefer he had a sponsor or someone else to talk to.

Now here is the reason why Evan and I feel so comfortable having the same counselor. After giving me reassurances (she has officially granted permission from Evan to give me her assessments of his progress) she said, "Now let's talk about why this has been bothering you this much."

So we chatted. We talked about deep breathing. We also talked about reasons I was obsessing and ways to stop.

I have felt much better since.

Objectively I do think that Evan is doing well. I also do still think that his chances of success without active participation in a program are slim. The counselor agrees, at least if we are talking long-term. Right now though, he is fine and I am okay.

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