Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bill of Rights for 18-year-olds

I wrote this last spring when David was making me crazy. I ran across it sorting files and I couldn't resist putting it up.

18-year-olds -- Demand your rights

Now that you are 18 but still living at home, remember you deserve:

• All the freedom of adulthood and none of the responsibility.

• Free food available 24 hours a day without the inconvenience of family meal times.

• Transportation, not permission, to all events of your choosing.

• The right to excuse yourself from school and not attend your classes. After all, if you don’t graduate you can always live at home – it’s your life not theirs.

• Emotional support and conversation on your schedule! Don’t be fooled by family requests to spend time with you – they need to remember that you are 18 now. Obligations only go one way.

• Free clothing, toiletries, telephone service. If you choose to work you are entitled to spend all your money on recreation – it’s your money; you earned it.

• No more questions about where you are going or when you are coming home. Parents are there to bail you out of trouble, not keep you from getting into it!


  1. Diane8:44 PM

    how funny! It applies to my brother too, and he's already 25!!
    I enjoy your site - your kids are lucky to have you.

  2. I have to save this.


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