Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My D.O.C. is O.P.B.'s

For the unitiated DOC is drug of choice. Another common abbreviation is OPP (other people's pills). That is how a lot of people addicted to pain killers get their meds. It is the prefered method of kids in high school who can so easily get other kids to raid their parent's medicine cabnets.

But what is an OPB? That is "other people's babies."

Last night was Casey's annual foster family appreciation dinner. The food was good, though it was late, causing parts of the program to be cancelled. We did though have plenty of time for the former foster kid turned motivational speaker. He was funny and a good speaker and if I had been 13 I am sure I would have found him motivational.

However, all down sides of the evening can be safely ignored because I commandeered a baby. We happened to sit at a table with a young woman with an infant. She looked familiar, I looked at her name tag. "Did you come to our house for respite a few times six years ago?" "Yeah...and your kid and my sister drew on my face when I fell asleep and I got a rash." AH...yes.

So I stole her baby.

I carried, cuddled, entertained, fed and even diapered the adorable little girl. It has been a long time since I experienced the joy of spooning different colors of mush into a little bird-like mouth which periodically decided to make those fun noises you get when you blow through your lips with your tongue stuck out.

What makes OPB's so very wonderful is that when the evening is over, they go to someone else's house and you sleep all night in your own bed.

And I really had decided to post this before I read Lionmom's post about her night.


  1. That's the one I was talking about just now.

  2. "For the unitiated DOC is drug of choice."

    On the other hand, for the well-initiated around here it means "Difficulty Of Care" (read: how much of a pain in the a** is a particular kid going to be to foster) and is what the powers that be use to determine your reimbursement.

    Sigh. Cynicism reigns.


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