Monday, May 29, 2006

Evan and the rebellious twins

Evan wants to go see the new action movie. Hubby plans on seeing in next week with all the boys when Carl is home.

Evan understands that, but he wants to go NOW. He wants someone to go with him.

He complained to me that he called "the twins" but their mother said they could not see a movie that was rated PG-13. He was shocked. PG-13!!! The twins are 17! He said, "S & D should stand up to her! Being a teenager MEANS rebelling!"

S & D! I confirmed that these were the same twins who used to live next door to us. I learn to my surprise that they are actually in public school.
"Their mother said they could go to school for their junior and senior years." "Do they know you are gay?"

"Sure. I keep getting friends like that don't I? I mean I know they are conservative, but we get along. I just don't understand why they don't rebell at least a little against their mother."

"Honey, their mother is the most conservative woman on the planet. She used to take their shoes away from them in the summer so that they would not run around and become tomboys. She is Christian fundamentalist and you are a gay recovering drug addict who does not believe in God. You are the reason she kept the twins out of school for 10 years. Every moment they spend with you is an act of rebellion."


  1. How did you get so lucky in your neighbors?

    Or are they all like that.

  2. Heck those kids are rebelling just by hanging out with him.

    I guess I'm a bad mom - I took my eight year old daughter to a pg13 movie today.

    I'm enjoying your blog and adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind. We adopted our daughter from foster care and speak to new foster-adoptive parents as they finish their classes.


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