Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Single party politics

Okay...some of you clever people out there may figure out where I live from this. If you do, good for you. Please don't put it in the comments though.

I live in a single party state. Oh, the other party exists and sometimes even wins a seat here and there, but it don't happen much. In fact, after the primary people have a tendency to forget that we don't really know who the governor is yet.

You don't have to actually register for one party or another, and this may be part of the problem. See, I could never actually bring myself to REGISTER with the dominant party. I have a life-long commitment to the other guys. I may be angry with the other guys, but if I were to register with anyone other than them it would be with a third party.

So I just went down to the polls. Since we don't register with a party they just give you a combination ballot. You can vote on the green pages or on the red pages. If you punch holes for both pages then your ballot will be tossed.

I did was nearly everybody else in the state did, regardless of who they will vote for in November. I voted on the dominant-party ballot.

The system feeds itself. I vote on that ballot because that is where the race is being decided. The candidates that I voted for (at least one and probably two of them) were on that ballot and not the other for the same reason.

I hate the whole bloody mess.

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  1. Here in sunny CA, one party has a habit of registering people to vote without explaining it will automatically place them in that party.

    They find out when they show up at the primaries and can't vote.

    Three guesses which party that is.

    Hint. It's not the Greens or the Libertarians.


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