Thursday, May 18, 2006

Punished for playing hookie

So yesterday I really felt crummy. I was having stomach cramps, the air conditioning in my building was not working so it was 80 degrees at 8:00am and only going to get worse. I stayed home and rested and caught up on some grading.

It was such a productive day I thought I would take one more. I mean, I still felt a little bad and I really still had a huge pile of grading. So I emailed my students last night and cancelled class. I woke up and my stomach felt a little bad. I was relieved...wouldn't it have been awful if I had cancelled class and then felt great?

Shortly after I felt better though. I settled in my comfy chair with the papers that needed to be graded. I was going to catch up.

Then Hubby called. He forgot his cell phone, would I bring it to him? I did.

Then Brian called, he had a rash and it really, really itched. I drove to the school, gave him an anti-histimine and told him to go back to class. "Will you at least call the doctor to see if it is because of my medicine?"

I called. I told them it was really faint; you could barely even see it. He had it in the inside of his elbows and a couple of places on his stomach. They said it should be looked at. I drove back to the school, got Brian, and took him to the doctor's office. We waited. The doctor looked at it and said, "I think it is a heat rash."

Sigh. I did not get any grading done at all.

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