Thursday, May 25, 2006

I blush

Thanks to Dan, or I would never have seen this:

Top Foster Blogs

Too bad I'm not allowed to tell anyone in my regular life that I am famous.

Congrats to several of you on the blog roll for showing up there too!

Am I Nuts?
Foster Parenting
Navigating the Maze: Foster Parenting and Life
Other People's Kids (Dan)

And one parent blog that is new to me:
What Was I Thinking?

There are a two other blogs on the list that seem to be more general information.

I want to point out that all the blogs that were selected have "foster" in the titles or descriptions. There are some blogs that I love by people who are doing foster care who don't use the word so much and don't come up on blog searches. I hate to start making lists, because I will leave people out, but I will take the risk. If you want to read blogs written by people who have been doing foster care for a while, you must read:

Dad's HighWAY
From 0 to 5


  1. Hey - congrats! You both are quite deserving of the honor!!

  2. Congratulations. It's a shame you can't wave a flag and shout - hey, that's me.


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