Friday, May 26, 2006

Relapse Prevention Program

Evan finally started the relapse prevention program. Theoretically he was supposed to go for at least 30 days after the in-patient treatment. In case you have lost track, it has been 33 days since he left in-patient.

So we are a little behind. (My sponsor, in full accordance with 12-Step program superstition tells me that Evan started his program exactly when he was supposed to.)

I think this program is going to be a good thing. It is a group therapy session with young men from 15 to 21. Evan has the distinction of being the only person who was not "caught" and is not in trouble with the law. He is the only was who is recovering from an addiction to prescription drugs. For some reason that I don't understand this also increases his status as the supreme outlaw of them all.

In any case, though he complains mightly about having to go to AA ("You know I just sit in the back and play games on my cell phone"), he was positive about the group. He said that the man who runs the group is "okay" and when I asked if he thought the group would be helpful to him he said, "maybe."

I'll translate for you: the guy who runs the group seems to be very good and he really likes the group.

I would like to take a moment and brag here about my own progress in the codependency thing. There are a bunch of things I am NOT feeling and thinking, except idly. I am not getting crazy excited that he has finally found a group that he seems to feel good about. I am not reacting to that excitement by panicking about whether it "sticks." I am not worrying and fretting about how when he talked about the group he seemed to be romanticizing his use. Obviously all these thoughts are occuring to me, but in a detached sort of way.

Instead I am happy for him. I hope he makes use of this resource. I know that he might not.

We will see.


  1. good job staying off his roller coaster. I'm still learning that skill!

  2. Lionmom,

    So am I! It is new enough that I notice with pleasure when it happens.

    It doesn't always. I too often find myself getting on with him.


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