Saturday, May 20, 2006

Quiet afternoon

It is a quiet afternoon. Andrew is busy puttering around in the rec room. Brian is off with his dad at a fancy rat show. Evan is at work; he left before I even got out of bed. I have the main part of the house to myself.

Carl called a couple of days ago. Brian asked him to come out for his birthday. Carl had said he would try, but he got sick, has been unable to work and can't afford to. Apparently he has been REALLY sick. He went to the emergency room, got antibiotics, and is not allowed to go back to the restaurant where he works until he brings a letter in saying he is okay.

Hubby and I chatted. We've been united in the whole "don't rescue" philosophy. Every time we agree that we are not sending money or otherwise getting someone out of trouble we say, "It's not like he's sick." It is almost a relief that at last one of them is sick. I can do the mommy-to-the-rescue thing and not feel guilty. We have offered to buy the bus ticket. He will be here for Brian's birthday and Pride if he likes. I will get to fatten him up and pamper him a little.

I have not seen him for a year and a half. I almost want to send a thank you note to the parasite that attacked him.

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