Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Driving Miss E.

So everyone remembers E? If you are new to the blog, please take this opportunity to click on the label ("E") below to find the relevant posts.

She has now been accepted into the agency for which I work and is living with another FM in town. She also has zero period and needs a ride. They will pay me to go pick her up and take her, and since I am already taking Andrew to zero period it is a pretty sweet deal for me.

So I went to pick her up. Here's the news:
-The very experienced new foster mom she is living with is not fit to raise a dog.
-The high school, which she liked last year, has gone to hell. The only way to get high grades there is to be an athlete since they have to get at least C's. (Andrew wisely said nothing.)
-She is going to turn 18 in the summer and she wants to graduate before then, even though she is just a junior, but if she takes zero hour and full-time night school she could do it, but the horrible high school won't support her in that.

E claims she just wants to go back to the teen shelter home. It really is not supposed to be a place for kids to grow up, but if there ever was a kid who should just grow up in a group home, E would be one. She does not seem to have any ability to attach and at 17 she does not believe that she needs relationships.

It's sad. If I were in charge of her life, I would do everything I could to help her finish high school before next summer. She turns 18 then and there is no way she is going to stay in care.

But I am not in charge. I'm just the driver.

And I have no expectations that the job will last.

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