Sunday, August 06, 2006

Father in town

My father does not intend to be mean, he is just oblivious.

He and Brian had a deal a year ago. Brian was going to save money and the Grandpa was going to pay half for an electric bass. Well, Brian did not save. Grandpa showed back up and Brian started talking about trying to sell most of his things. I suggested that he ask Grandpa to rent him a bass for a couple of months so that he could take lessons and figure out how much he wanted it.

They went to the music store where they were told that it would be so expensive to rent it that they might as well just buy it. So Grandpa did. Brian came home with his brand, new shiny electric bass and amp.

So Andrew and Evan are trying to be grown up and not jealous. Andrew is doing it pretty well -- after all he has years of practice at dealing with my father. And well, he knows that he has got things from Grandpa when Brian did not.

Evan though is trying REALLY hard, which is to say that it is bothering him.

I am seriously thinking of telling my father that the older boys are feeling left out. I know he will respond by saying, "Well...what do they want?"

He does not intend to be mean. He is just oblivious.

I'm torn though.

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