Sunday, August 20, 2006

Updating blog

Well, I just switched to the Beta version.

A couple of sections of the blog roll disappeared, but I fixed them. I went ahead and added two new pre-parenting folks.

If you got dropped, or would like to be added, please let me know. (NOTE: I did NOT erase anyone. If you are not here it is Blogger's fault and I would like to know).

I did it primarily because I want to add labels to make it easier for people to find all the posts on a particular topic (or kid). That might mean republishing all 400-some posts, so if you are a subscriber, I apologize. I will start from the beginning, so when you see that the most recent posts are labeled, then you will know I am done. (NOTE: I did put a label on the recent post about the recent training). I plan on taking my time with that project.

And I answered my own question. You can switch and not bother to do much of anything else. You do have to change you log-in info.

WARNING FOR ANONYMOUS BLOGGERS: It will initially change your email address to your gmail address (if you don't have one you will have to get one for the switch). I changed it back to the address I use for the blog, but when I first changed the gmail address was there and since it used (parts of) my real name, that was a problem. I think I have it fixed so that it does not show...although it shows when I am in editing mode, and that is freaky...I am constantly worried that it will switch so that y'all can see it too. If I were doing it now I would change my gmail address first. In fact I might see if I can change my gmail address just so that I don't have to worry about that!

The good news: the spell checker is better and now recognizes the following words:

Also good news: When you pull of the list of previous posts you can see a maximum of 300 at a time (still) but you can go back and posts 301-600, or whatever.

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  1. You're the third person I've seen mention beta blogger. I wonder if I can sign up without zapping my blog once again.


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