Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blogger not saving

So Blogger has been unwilling to save my drafts. "Save" seems to mean "Erase forever." This has been a real problem for me as I often write something in a burst of energy and then polish it later.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I know I can write in my word processor and then copy and paste when it is finished, but for some reason that seems more awkward. It is easy to forget about things in the blogging folder. It is not part of my regular pattern.

That is not the only reason I have not been updating as much as usual, but it is one of them. I'm frustrated.

And I am going to post this, right now. I will work on an interesting (well, at least interesting to me) post in my word processor and get back to you soon.

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  1. Blogger has had more than it's share of problems lately, but I haven't had any trouble with it losing posts. If I save something and it doesn't go through, pressing the "Back" button on my browser is usually enough to recover everything.

    One thing I do "just to make sure" my stuff doesn't get lost is that, before I click the save button, I select all the text in the editor and press ctrl-C which copies everything to my clipboard.

    If Blogger messes up, then I have everything in the clipboard, and I can paste it (ctrl-P) back into a text editor or word processor for editing later.


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