Monday, August 07, 2006


My father is taking the boys out to a movie. I am enjoying a couple of hours alone.

Evan tried to tease me into going. It's the last day that my father. He even told me I was ungrateful.

We had a short conversation. I did point out that he had very little interest in seeing his mother. (Don't worry. I was nice about it.) I told him that it wasn't about not being grateful; it was about boundaries to protect ourselves. I have spent as much time with my father this time around as I want to.

I think the conversation was a good thing. I hope anyway. I think it affirmed for him that it is okay for him to be in charge of how much he wants to see his mother. That someone is our parent does not mean that we cannot maintain the boundaries we need to be healthy and sane.

Besides, I didn't want to see this movie.

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