Monday, August 07, 2006

Coerced Justice

My ever diplomatic hubby said quietly to Grandpa after dinner, "Would you please take the older boys shopping and get them something? It does not need to be nearly as extravagant as what you bought for Brian."

Grandpa said, "Oh. Sure."

Hubby then pulled Andrew aside and gave him a price range (less than half of what Brian's gift cost).

Hubby then pulled Evan aside and said, "I know you want cash to buy memory for your computer. Just get whatever Andrew gets and we will exchange it."

So Grandpa left and he and the boys came back later and everybody's happy, including me.

Some part of me thinks it must have been wrong to do that; but it feels so right.


  1. It sounds like he just needed a little nudge.

  2. I feel for the older guys. My dad's mother used to do that to all the kids. She'd favor the grandkids whose parents were in her favor, which changed a lot. My parents tried to keep us out of it as much as possible. Sounds like Grandpa just needed the push to think.

  3. Ha! Sounds like it worked without causing a fight. If it works, it works.


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