Friday, August 04, 2006

Codependency strikes again

So my counselor told me that the codependence therapy would make me feel worse before it made me feel better. Cheerily, I said, "That's okay."

Today my father comes for a visit. I used to get anxious about them, then I got over it and didn't. Today, suddenly, I feel bad and anxious. I don't want to see him. I don't want him to come.

I'll be okay. I think I am as much surprised at being anxious as I am anxious (does that make sense?).

I don't expect anything bad to happen. In the past couple of years he has turned into an old man who needs to go back to his hotel (yes he stays in a hotel) to take naps. He takes us out to dinner; likes for the kids to go to the hotel and swim in the indoor pool while he sits in a chair; and usually buys the boys presents.

There's nothing to be anxious about really.

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  1. Falling asleep and can't think of anything sensible.


    Good Night.


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