Thursday, August 17, 2006

Perspectives and even advice sought:

So what would you say:

Evan has a job as a bagger in local grocery store. It is a work-at-will state, which means he can be fired without explanation at any time.

A customer came in with an anti-gay t-shirt on. The front had two stick male stick figures (like the ones on restrooms) with a large red circle and diagonal line. The back had an anti-gay Bible verse printed on it.

Evan refused to bag her groceries. I am not certain that he is out with anyone at work yet (and being very, very butch Evan does need to actually tell people). The manager was not happy and said she could fire him for that. Evan replied that she was short on help and so couldn't. She agreed that was true.

From his telling it is impossible to know just how heated this discussion was. It could have been teasing or it could have been extremely serious.

So...what would you tell him?


  1. I suppose that if he is going to be working with the public he's going to be dealing with idiots every day.

    Consider the source and ignore it. Save the anger for the big battles and making a change.

    I could be wrong but I try to pick my battles. I don't have energy to sweat the small stuff. And that customer was definitely small in all ways.

  2. Anonymous6:41 PM

    He should have bagged her groceries...with the bread and eggs on the bottom - LOL!

  3. rossecorp6:50 PM

    As a gay person myself, I have some idea how he may have felt. However, he needs to understand that acting respectfully toward others, no matter what their personal opinions, values, or behaviors, is what we are fighting for. Would it be okay for someone not to serve him, if he were wearing a pro-gay shirt? Of course, in situations in which he is not an employee, he may choose to say that the shirt/opinion/value/behavior of another is offensive to him.

  4. Wow, I have no idea what I would say. I can understand his point, but at the same time, employees are often asked to do things for jerks all the time. It is part of the job.

  5. I don't know what I would say either. I sure would NOT have wanted to do it but at the same time . . that guy has every right to wear the shirt. This is one of those times when the high road is the best road to take. . . even if it gives you motion sickness while you're on it.

  6. As a fellow queer - albeit a 47 year old lesbian mom - I have to say I'm proud of Evan. Idiots who choose to wear offensive t-shirts need to learn that that can have consequences, one's groceries not being bagged being a very minor one. It's not like Evan has a spouse & kids who would be adversely affected by him losing a job.


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