Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beta Blogger

What I like:
-The spell checker
-Messing around with the layout, including colors, and not having to even look at html (but how often did I do that)? If I were just starting a blog I would definitely be much more comfortable with it.
-Being able to add elements, like links to favorite blogs, and not having to mess with html. It is more like filling out an easy form. Insert address here. Insert name here. Do you want this list alphabetized? check box.
-That I can find a typo and republish and it does not alert the system (repbulished posts do not appear in subscription services as new posts)
-Finding old posts is are not limited to the past 300 posts
-You can add tags so that readers (and you) can find all the posts on a certain topic.
-There are automatic links to previous and next posts, making it easier for your readers to back up in your blog and read everything in order.
-That I COULD if I wanted make the blog private or password protected. (I don't know what I will do when I get a new kid. I share a lot and have felt comfortable doing so because the kids are 18 and have given me permission. I don't know how easy it will be vague...)

What I don't like:
-having to log in every flipping time I want to go back to the dashboard even though I have told it to remember me, and told the computer that it is one of my trusted sites.
-having trouble opening other blogs now that I have told the computer that blogger is a trusted site "This web page is attempting to open one of your trusted sites, do you wish to continue?"
-no longer being recognized by blogs in old blogger so if I want to leave a comment I have to log in in their commnent window using my old blogger ID.
-That I can not password or privatize individual posts. If I feel like I need to passwording to protect the privacy of the next kid while at the same time allowing me to put stuff out there, I will have to have a second blog.
-That when I switched I lost a few links and things (although it was much easier than it had been to add them back in)

Just thought some of you would like to know.

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