Friday, August 25, 2006

Driving practice -- day three

So he is getting more confident. Today I told him that I was not going to tell him where to turn. He could make his own choices.

Bad idea.

Rush hour here is not that big of a deal. That is, unless you are a brand new driver who gets nervous about making a turn because you have to navigate your car in the 20-foot space between the car stopped at the stop sign and the other car parked at the curb, so you come to a dead stop on the main drag so that you can sloowwwllly and carefully steer the car between the obstacles while your aunt screams, "Move, move, move!!!"

We are still alive and he is still speaking to me.

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  1. My son at 33 has still not learned how to drive. He keeps getting permits but never takes the test.

    No one needs a car in San Francisco which is where he spent almost all of his life. His brother learned in the Army after he left.

    He's scared of driving. Better he had learned younger.


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