Monday, August 28, 2006

First day of school

Poor Andrew is miserable.

His been avoiding his summer AP assignments and had to write two papers this past weekend. Poor kid. This summer he had to read three books and write three papers before school even started.

He really is anxious about this year. I've told him that he is in charge of his own schedule. He does not have to do band if he does not want to. He can shift out of the AP sections of his various classes if he wants. Unfortunately there are no easy decisions. Everything he doesn't want to do he needs to do in order to do something that he does want to do.

It is what I think of as a privileged problem. That does not make it any easier for him though. He is tired and stressed and school has just got started. He complains to me as though there is something that I can do about it, but of course there is not. On top of everything else he could not find his shoes this morning and had to wear his dress shoes to school. I dropped him off this morning and said, "Well, I hope today is a great beginning to a great year." He looked at me and said, "Well, it already isn't." I think he wanted to talk, but school was starting and he had to go in.

We are crossing our fingers for Brian. Please, please, let this year be better. For several years now he has been getting zeros on daily work and 100% on exams, with resulting D's in just about everything.

And of course Evan starts night school at the alternative high school tonight. Two more classes and he will be finished. Right now he is off working at the grocery store.

And since Hubby is also a public school teacher this means:


Oh what to do first? Maybe go back to bed? Long bath?

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