Sunday, August 27, 2006

Evan has a car, almost

Evan has a hand-shake deal on a car.

It is a 1997 four-door sedan. It is big enough to be reasonably safe, but small enough that it should not be a gas guzzler.

It is old enough to be cheap, as cars go. I did an on-line check of the price of the car putting in as much information as he gave me and he is getting the car for what the web site says is the price he should expect to pay if he were buying it from a private person, not a dealer. So if he is getting the truth, it is a fair price. His grandmother is co-signing.

He is buying from someone his grandmother trusts, so I will not worry about whether it is going to fall apart. Of course it still may, but it is what it is.

It is pretty enough that a practical guy like Evan finds it attractive, but it is not flashy and is definitely not a racing car. Don't tell him, but in its time it was definitely a mom car, not a teen car.

So, though it would be better if he were not taking on any debt at all, this decision does not make me nervous....very.

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