Thursday, August 24, 2006

Evan wants wheels!

So Evan drives fairly well. Today drove in light, small town traffic. He handles the car pretty well. ("I think all the video game playing really helped!")

So he wants his own wheels. He wants freedom, transportation. He wants to be able to get out of this small town. He wants to drive.

A friend of mine is selling a 25 year old BMW motorcycle. It is in very good shape and he is willing to sell it at a very reaonable price. So Evan wants it. BAD.

It must also be remembered that he decided to learn to drive because he wanted to get the higher paying job at the electronic plant. His aunt works there, and could give him a ride if he can co-ordinate his schedule with hers, but that will not always be possible. Realistically, if he is going to leave the grocery store and work at the factory he needs to be able to get there on his own. He spent this morning taking tests and being interviewed. He is now on the waiting list for a position. He is likely to be able to start sometime soon.

His social worker is trying to talk him out of it.

Sure he will make more money, but he will have to SPEND more money: the bike, the gear, the insurance, campus parking and the gas. He is unlikely to come out ahead. Besides, the job is far from the university. When he is there (in five months!) he will find it very inconvenient. He should stay at the grocery store. Ride his bicycle. Keep the money he has and save more. When he goes to school he should tranfer his job to a store near the campus. The school is in The City. There will not be anywhere that he needs to go that he cannot get on foot, bicycle, or bus.

Life is so hard for the kids when they leave care and try to make it on their own.

But he wants wheels! He is 19. He wants to be free! He wants to go places!

No one is pointing out to Evan that he hates every job shortly after taking it. He thinks he will like this one better, but the rest of us are not convinced it will stick. Besides, it is not really about the's the wheels.

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  1. As a former motorcycle rider, tell him to buy a car. I got into a small motorcycle accident during college, and my right ankle (which was badly sprained and required physical therapy) still bothers me more than 15 years later.


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