Monday, August 28, 2006

Evan, addiction, and school

Evan worked at the grocery store today 7:00am-4:00pm. He got home about 4:20 and called the alternative high school to confirm that classes started tonight at 6:00. Nope, classes start at 4:00. He's late.

So he scrambled around. Took a shower, because when you are already late for school you might as well be a bit more late and smell good. I got my purse and sat quietly. He asked me if I would please, please, please put some cream cheese on a bagel for him. I said of course.

He pulled on his shoes and said, "If anything is my trigger, THIS is my trigger. Going back to school, exhausted from work, late. Gawd!"

I said, "hmmm." (GFM -- "good for me").

We got in the car and I drove him down. Dropped him off.

On the way home I thought, "I just dropped off a kid who talking about experiencing his 'trigger' at the alternative high school -- where all the kids who got kicked out of regular high school for drug problems go."

So now I am at home, pretending I am not worried.

At least tonight is my Al-Anon meeting.

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