Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Missed call from ???

During days when the boys have friend over I often don't bother to answer the phone. It isn't for me.

Yesterday the phone rang. Evan said, "It's the youth ranch."

For some reason I did not consider any possibility other than that they might be calling to ask for money. I've given them small amounts money before, especially since Ann was there. The teen shelter that Evan lived in before he came here and that E has been living in recently are owned by the ranch. Anyway, I was busy, thought someone else would answer it, and did not pick up the phone.

The answering machine picked it up and whoever it was hung up.


What youth that I know is currently living at the youth ranch? It is probablly Ann or E, but I don't know.

I am wondering if I can call back and say, "Hi, I'm a foster mother and someone called last night. I know you cannot release names, but could I leave a message to give to any kid who was trying to call me. It could be Ann, or E..."

On the other hand whoever it was will have just assumed we were out of the house. I hope she calls back.

Someone I care about has gone to the youth ranch and I don't know who.

I don't like that.

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  1. I hope whoever it is calls you back.

    I gather the youth ranch is some sort of detention facility?


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