Monday, July 31, 2006

Goal Writing

Evan's social worker came over to review his previous goals and construct new ones.

Old goals:
Graduate in May 2006
Apply to post high school program
Work and save money
Move into dorms in August

Yeah...well...that was before going to rehab for 60 days.

So new goals:
Graduate by December 2006
Apply to program
Work and save money
Move into dorms, or if not possible find other housing, in January 2007

So we shall see. It is the home stretch, which is a scary time for all concerned. You can just see the anxiety on his face as we talk about this. It is tough facing the adult world.

We talked about filling out the application for funding from agency's college fund. He wanted to know if we really thought it was "worth it." I mean, there were forms and he might even have to write an essay, but the pay off was worth jumping through the hoops, right? Well, let's see, they are committed to getting you through whatever post high school education or training you are accepted to without going into debt at all. So's worth it.

He knows from our relationship with our other boys that we will still be here for him. We won't necessarily bail him out if he gets into trouble, but if he needs a weekend away from campus or wants to come home for Spring Break (soft laughter in the background), we are here.

I hope he makes it. The last six months before independence is so trying for the kids. I am trying not to borrow trouble, but I confess I am nervous.

We reiterated that we would not let the agency talk to us about another kid until there was no chance that his plans would fall through. There would not be another kid in the wings waiting for him to move out. Hubby said he would prefer that we not let them talk to us about new kids until after Evan was actually moved out. He likes the break we have had between placements.

Anyway, we shall see.

You can continue to click "new post" to read Evan's story, but if you want to peek into the future to see how some of these goals worked out you can go here:

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  1. The new goals sound manageable. I hope he follows through.


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