Thursday, September 14, 2006

Conversations with Evan

So Evan and I seem to just pass each other.

Of course that is not surprising. I leave at 6:40am to take Andrew and Miss E to school. Evan starts school at 4:00pm. I try to get home to drive him, but about half the time he rides his bike. He gets out of school at 9:30pm.

I should go to bed around 10:00 (getting up at 5:30 and all), but I don't. I stay up to spend just a little time with Evan.

But it does not give us much of a chance for heart-to-hearts.

He seems to be doing okay though. He says that he will still be seeing the weekend playmate, but that they both needed sleep. He asked me to buy him condoms. I did of course.

Today during our 15 minutes of quality time he talked to me about college. He said he wanted to clean out his room (which looks like a teenager's room, forget every stereotype you may have had about gay men) and sort his clothes. He wants to figure out what he has and what he needs and get it while the foster agency will still reimburse clothing expenses. He also wants me to help him to make a list of things he will need for living in the dorms.

It was a good conversation. It was good to see him thinking in such a postive and happy way about his future.

Oh...and he says he is more than half-way through the first of the two courses he is taking in night school.

Dare I hope? Perhaps everything will work out just the way he should.


  1. Morgan12:13 AM

    A while back, I found some really good lists of what to pack for dorm life here and here.

    Best of luck to everyone involved!

  2. Morgan again12:15 AM

    ...that was supposed to show two different entries! GAH. Sorry - try and . . . if they show up properly.

  3. Thank you very much Morgan. I will show them to Evan!

  4. Fingers crossed. I hope he continues to do well in school.

  5. Fingers crossed here as well.


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