Friday, September 22, 2006

Second private blog

I am on the edge of starting a second, private blog. The way that works is that I type in the email addresses of people who I want to let read the blog. Blogger then sends an email to them which allows them to enter as a guest for two weeks. After two weeks they must have established a google account in order to continue reading. Readers would have to be logged in in order to read, but you don't have to remember any password other than your own.

I think that Blogger is going to force everyone into Beta (which involves having a Google account/email) once they have finished working out some of the bugs. I will probably wait until then to do it. That means that the people who would be primarily affected would be those who do not have a Google account (duh). Such people who have to decide whether reading my private stuff is worth creating a Google account (which they don't have to use).

In order to convince me to put you on the list, I just need to know a little about you. Those of you with whom I have already developed relationships, commenting on each other's blogs and such, will have to tell me if they DON'T want an invitation, because my plan is to add you. Anyone else will have to send me an email asking. I anticipate that most of the dozen or so people who will be clammering to read will be foster and adoptive parents.

My intention is that this blog will remain as it is. I would like to move the posts about Ann to the private blog if I can. In the future I would continue to do my sharing of general thoughts here, but anything that has to do with the issues of minor children -- and probably anything that has to do with the sex life of anyone -- would be on the private blog. If moving the Ann stuff is not to much of a pain in the hind quarters, I may move a lot of the recent Evan stuff too. I'll get this blog down to a PG rating, if you know what I mean.

Nothing will happen quickly, but I am putting this out there for feedback.

And by the way, if I follow through on this it will not be so much because I think that what have been doing is wrong (I don't). It is primarily because Pumpkin being shut down frightens me. I have grown to depend upon this blog too much to take risks.


  1. Well I want in. I think you know me..I hope??!!

    Pumpkin got shut down??

  2. I definitely know you, Baggage. You are in.

    All I really know is that Pumpkin's blog disappeared with no goodbye. I have a vivid imagination. And I am scaredy-cat.

  3. I worry about her too, especially since her disappearance came about around the same time as the abandoned baby's mother was arrested. I hope she's okay.


Comments will be open for a little while, then I will be shutting them off. The blog will stay, but I do not want either to moderate comments or leave the blog available to spammers.