Thursday, September 28, 2006

Talk with the director...

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  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    please look again, i think you used a real name towards the beginning

  2. Wow, that was no help at all was it.

    Good luck straightening it out. You have a right (or so I'd think) to set your own rules for your home and expect them to be followed. They're not unreasonable.

  3. Teenagers.

    They only hear what they want to hear. What's it called? "Selective deafness," I think.

    Enjoy your fires... I know I love the smell of roasting ass in the morning.

  4. Thanks Devo. I don't write good when I'm trembling with rage.

  5. Not quite the "come to Jesus" speech you were expecting, eh?

  6. Talk about an excellent example of how "we only hear what we want to hear". Lord, Evan really did filter the talk through his little hormonal teenage lens, didn't he? Go get 'em, kick some butt - I'm taking notes for the future.

  7. AAARGH! How frustrating :(


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