Sunday, September 03, 2006

Just an update

So here's a quick update on the life of Evan.

He went to school every day all week. He complained a little about the instructor, but not much. He has to take two classes in order to finish high school. In alternative high school he must spend a minimum of 90 hours (18 days) on each class, although he may spend longer if he needs. All work is done on-site. So five days down, 31 days to go.

There is reason to believe he used on Monday, but no evidence that he used after that. I did not, and have no plans to search his room, or require drug tests. Though I do think that as a parent and a home owner I have the right to search if I need to, and I will continue to go into his room to get things that belong to me. However, I don't think that either searching or drug testing would be helpful for either of us.

He turned in an application to the fast food place, but only to the one. Though they were advertising they are hiring they are not moving very quickly. He calls daily and is told the manager is still working her way throught he applications. The only reason this matters much is that a requirement for funding for college is demonstrating that he can work at least 10 hours a week while going to school. So far he has either worked or been in school.

He has applied to the technical program. He took the placement test and his math score is good enough to give him provisional admission. It is not high enough to allow him to take the required math course. He will either have to do some tutoring and re-take the test or he can choose to take the remedial math course. I don't know if he has applied for campus housing. Housing is completely full this fall, and I have no idea if he will be able to get in for the Spring.

Hubby and the boys are already back in school. I start this next week. This of course means that Evan will have the house to himself for most of the day. I will try not to think too much about the implications of that.

In general I would have to say that things are looking pretty good.

Of course that always makes me nervous.

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